Facebook Down Again on 1st August 2014

Hi guys, if You are unable to access Facebook and getting same as above picture then You are not ALONE who is not suffering this.I m writing this post and i m unable to access Facebook since 5 minutes. However my fanpage was open when it turned down, when i tried to post facebook wast responding and when i tried to open FB on new Tab then i got this error.

I know many of you will get mad about this error so i quickly opened my blogger account abd start posting about this.
it seems that facebook is unable to handle that much traffic and it becoming down again within 2 month, [actually i dont know the exact date and i dont want to bother myself to search this shit]
well you know Now..
FACEBOOK IS WORKING ON GETTING THIS FIXED AS SOON AS THEY CAN. as they say on the above screenshot..
we cant do anything except waiting..
so its time to get up and meet ur family member.. they must be nice guy. :P
ok ..

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