Registry First Aid Platinum + Serial

Registry First Aid Platinum + Serial
Registry First Aid Platinum Full Version Free Download

Registry First Aid's unique design makes it the choice of Beginners as well as Advanced Power Users when it comes to usability and power. The ability to display safe items for beginners makes it as safe as it can get. The Power Users will love Registry First Aid's ability to ferret out and show you the deepest registry problems presented with choices on how to fix them making this the best registry repair tool available for the power users too. With regular use most personal computers develop large numbers of registry errors that degrade perfomance and cause error messages and/or crashes. The Boot time (start-up) is profoundly affected by a clogged Registry slowing things down. By using a registry cleaner like Registry First Aid regularly, your system will not only be more stable but it will also help improve your system perfomance without expensive hardware upgrades. 


- Time Tested 
Registry First Aid, developed by Rose City Software, is one if the first registry repair tools available and with years of fine tuning has evolved into a world class program to keep your computer tuned for high performance. 

- Easy and Fast to Use 
We listen to our users... With Registry First Aid, you have an easy to use step by step interface design that has been fine tuned with input from hundreds of thousands of users making it very effortless to use. Speed is essential with our high-performance detection algorithm that quickly identifies missing and invalid references in your Windows registry selecting them for correction or deletion. 

-Safe for Beginners 
By flagging problems in the registry with the green, yellow and red safety levels, you know which problems you can easily correct yourself. You will find that the clones such as the "one click fix" models and others will just plow through the registry and delete many required entries. Don't let that happen to you! 

Experience always improves performance, and Registry First Aid has that with years of experience in detecting and correcting problems. In side by side comparisons, Registry First Aid has always found more problems than the competition. 

- Complete Built-in Backup System 
Before running, Registry First Aid will make a Restore Point or backup of your registry. When the registry corrections are made, a complete backup of all changes made is save and you can restore the registry to the way it was before you started as well as individual registry entries in case of a problem. This is another feature not found in many of the new programs on the registry repair scene. 

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003 and 2008 (32-bit and 64-bit) 

What's new: 

Legend: (+) a feature is added 
(*) a feature is improved/changed 
(-) a bug is fixed 

New in version 9.3.0 
+ improvements in checking scanned registry keys for exclusions; 
* smart "Add Excluded Registry Key" dialog: detect root key and cut it from path, replace with it any root key chosen from the dialog; 
+ count scanned keys/dirs and show the number on the status bar - it helps to see if the program still working while the progress bar is not moving; 
+ verify modified registry keys and detect those that were not corrected, option to save them in a text file; 
+ Restore From .Reg Backup Files: expand contents of .reg files to second level; 
+ Restore From .Reg Backup Files: now it is possible to switch view between "plain" and "full" tree view; 
+ Restore From .Reg Backup Files: show selected key path in status bar; 
+ Restore From .Reg Backup Files: new pop-up menu commands: "View as full tree"; "Copy key path to clipboard"; 
- bug: incorrect string length was shown in entries with invalid data size; 
- bug: it was possible to make the filter dialog completely invisible using transparent value options; 
- bug: it was possible to ocassionally hide the "backup" panel by moving the splitter to the bottom; 
- bug: the "results" panel may be hidden if the "backup" panel is at max height and the program window is resized to min; 


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