Facebook FriendAdder Pro will provide users with a
Facebook automation tool, the dream of Facebook marketers who are making full use of it will probably benefit
a lot. Internet marketers are experiencing a gold rush of web 3.0 free advertising to highly targeted leads on the
fastest growing social network “Facebook”.
Facebook FriendAdder 
Facebook FriendAdder Pro is an all in one automation marketing tool for Facebook marketers.
Facebook FriendAdder 
From mass friend requests to mass wall posts, the ability to fill profile’s information, upload pictures to profiles
and suggest groups and events to friends, our software has the features available to allow you to place your
marketing efforts on autopilot. Facebook FriendAdder Pro can spare no effort to help you to achieve your
Facebook FriendAdder Pro Full Version Fully Cracked Free Download
manage THOUSANDS of facebook accounts
manage proxies and auto assign them to facebook accounts
start 10 accounts to work at the same time
fill profile information, upload photos and change password
gather mass targeted facebook friend IDs
send mass facebook friend requests to targeted people
confirm mass facebook friend requests from friends
send mass facebook friend messages to targeted people
delete mass received messages and pending friend requests
upload contact file by emails to send friend requests
suggest groups/pages/events/applications to all friends
post, comment and like mass wall updates on facebook walls
schedule features to work
100% bypass CAPTCHAS

Facebook account
Internet connection

New Features:
Add a portable inner browser based on Mozilla which works with the program
Add the campaign options in the account selection field for all features
Add a new field called “Priority” to control the schedule for all features
Add the ability to start features for selected accounts from “Manage Accounts”
Start the same feature unlimited times to make them working at the same time
Make sure there is only one working action at most for a certain IP or account
Add a new preference option to save log information in all features by account
Add a new feature called “Check Account Information” to check out account stats
Add a new feature called “Bypass Login Problems” to check out account status
Add a new feature called “Join Targeted Walls” to like pages and join groups
Add a Properties dialog to show and edit account information in “Manage Accounts”
Add options to login and open accounts in the inner browser based on Mozilla.

Note: If the trail period end just restart your internet modem and continue using this tool.
We dont know for how time it will work,so grab it fast....

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