Textaizer Pro is a small and useful application designed  to create text mosaics and helps users to turn any picture into little pieces of art.

Textaizer Pro is a handy tool that will help you paint with text. Textaizer Pro is software that will extend your creative abilities with automated text painting. Is a text mosaic creator with extensive possibilities to also create genuine ASCII art.
  • Seven different text art creators:
  • text from pictures (Text Mosaics)
  • pictures from text (ASCII Art)
  • recreate a picture from words and sentences (Word Art)
  • draw random characters on a picture (Crazy Characters)
  • free drawing ASCII Art (Draw Art)
  • text made from characters (Text Art)
  • video clips from ASCII Art or Text Art from video clips (Video Text Art)
  • Each art creation method has a wealth of tuning:
  • use extended ASCII block characters for full-body ASCII art pictures
  • apply textures to create a realistic 'canvas' surface
  • circular text art
  • color tuning filters
  • Crazy Characters has special functions to fully automate its creation
  • Extensive import and export capabilities:
  • as picture (many file formats)
  • as plain text (e.g. editable in Notepad)
  • as HTML web page
  • as movie file ('avi' file extension)
  • as vector file (windows enhanced meta file)
  • printing on multiple pages
  • projects to repeat earlier session effects
  • Tools and settings for:
  • language (currently English, Dutch and German)
  • automated web-updates
  • help (via website)
  • 1.4 GHz Intel or AMD processesor
  • 256 MB RAM memory
  • 5 Mb of harddisk space for picture libraries
  • 50 Mb of harddisk space to store real big Textaizer bitmaps
  • 15" Monitor with 1024 x 768 pixels
What's New :
  • *Bug solved with PNG files with fixed font size and blend with picture (color engine) showing black edges in semi-tranparent part of the PNG source file


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