Okay so i am gonna show you guys a
little trick to
bypass the Facebook Verification
(Verify Images)
This is the new method to verify the
photos even if
the profile is blocked:

=> Step 1
Go to Google images search

 => Step 2
Type facebook+"name of 1st friend"
copy and paste
from blocked account

=> Step 3
Search , you will see the picture of the
1st friend in
the 1st 3 results 

=> Step 4
If you didn't identify the picture,
repeat the same
If you didn't identify the friend.simply
skip the picture
and you will get another one (always
you have 2

=>Step 5
 After you identify the 5 pictures
facebook will ask
you to change your password and
email password

=> Step 6
Change your facebook account
password and
confirm that you change your email
password (even
you don't) 

=> Step 7
Now every thing is OK

=> Step 8
If you see this message(no
verification method is
available now) Just logout and wait 1
hour to login, if
you failed to verify the photos,
facebook will give you 1 chance to
verify 5 pictures every 1 hour. 

Don't Forget to tell us if this worked for you..

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  1. please clearly post this thred..what is facebook+first freind how to copy this from blocked account??


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