Hello Friends!! I am Aditya Pandey the new admin as this post is my fourth post, I will first put something really awesome for u all this is the trick to use free 3G on Idea 2G Recharge but there is one problem with this it can't be used for 2G purpose but it works fine with 3G i personally have tested this trick and found that it is working great for me in my 3G idea net setter u can also confirm the trick by just using it in your Modem or cell, I have confirmed it in Madhya Pradesh

The Trick:
 Just Follow Below Steps To Use 3G with 2G Recharge
1.Keep balance below 5 Rps.
2.Recharge your 3G SIM with 9rps 3G Unlimited pack for 30 min.
3.Use Full 30 Min.
4.Immediately Recharge Any 2g Data plan i prefer 15 Rps 150Mb data.
5.Now u get 3G speed in Every Next 2G plan.
6.Now If u want unlimited 3G thn Recharge with Rs.202 2G

Never Recharge with any 3G pack after this Trick.

Guys its 9Mb/s

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  1. admin plz upload a airtel 3g data unlimited data download from west bengal. Plz


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