I know most of user are fed up of surveys.. so i decided to write a quick post that how can you make internet survey free. Yes!! YOU can make it.
 Most of Asshole person make some shits using VB or other tools which GUI may confuse you but its all just piece of shit and you do extreme effort to download that.. sometime you completed survey but it don't unlock and u get frustrated so much.
NOW you can stop it..  
Its true that I hate google [You will know the reason 1 day] but its true that every site gets almost 80% traffic from google.So you can Destroy any site by reporting these kind of site. 
Report these kind of site on Google 

You just have to fill a form and done.Google employee will review it and will take necessary action, if its hosted on Blogger then they can delete that blog too or they can penalize that site by showing warning etc etc..
It's all upto YOU.
You Decide-
I just explained a simple way to rid of Fucking Survey site.
For more help
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  1. thank you bro for sharing this link ,i have been searching this tool from years

    1. thanks for your precious feedback..

    2. if i report i will can download it

    3. nope!! but u can discourage those webmaster to use survey links

  2. Pls help. How to use/do that webmaster tool this is the site I want to remove the survey http://getfiles.co/1Kzv


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