Dead Space 3 is a video game type of third-person shooter survival horror sci-fi theme, developed by Visceral Games. Announced June 4, 2012 at E3 2012 by Electronic Arts for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It was released in Europe on February 8, 2013.
Dead Space 3, compared to its predecessor, which proposed a play structure almost identical to the first episode, introduces some important innovations. First of all, this is the first chapter mainly set on a planet. Then there is the mode drop-in drop-out co-op, exclusively online, which allows a second player to take part in the mission as John Carver: Outside of the co-op Carver will not make any appearance if not in cutscenes, then Clarke will have to act alone as usual in single player. The second new feature is the ability to build and modify custom weapons using resources and components collected on the battlefield, giving way to showcase the capabilities of Isaac, an engineer by profession, without giving up the ability to buy weapons complete using the appropriate box. The system of energy nodes has been abandoned in favor of the circuits that allow you to increase or decrease the characteristics of weapons such as damage or rate of fire, and add effects to the primary and secondary fire. The third innovation is the presence of human opponents, the soldiers of Unitology led by Jacob Danik, which during the adventure will try several times to kill Isaac. With them was introduced a system of covers: Isaac will bow automatically if it is behind an object of medium size, and you can dodge attacks by performing somersaults in every direction. It was introduced a thermometer in body temperature that is activated during the exploration of the planet without isolation suit, and has the same function as the indicator of oxygen. Finally, there are quests quite difficult if you complete that offer large rewards that help the player during the main mission. Also, if you play co-op, Carver will have to face hallucinations causategli by the brand and will be screened in a parallel world, presumably his mind, much like the one where Isaac faces Nicole in Dead Space 2, with the addition of images or objects of his past life. This is the only part of the game where there are the blacks Pack. While Carver is committed in this world, Isaac will have to protect it from enemy attack in reality.
After completing the first time the story will unlock the Overalls Overalls Safety Engineer and the Sprawl, respectively worn exclusively by Isaac and Carver, will also unlock different modes that change the conditions of play:
New Game +: replay the adventure from the beginning to the difficulty maintaining desired upgrades obtained in the previous game.
Extreme: the game will be set in hard mode and will take place in the normal way except for the fact that they are not granted failures, loss of life equivalent to gameover and have to restart the game from the beginning. Unlock the retro way if completed, a filter graph that will make the game seem like an adventure game 90 years.
Classic: The game is set to hard difficulty, you can not play co-op weapons can only be purchased using the schemes and the targeting system is set to classic. Unlock the weapon of the devil horns when completed.
Survival: the game is set to difficult, the game world is not no tool or enhancement, only resources, each terminal equipment must be built to work, then you need to manage resources wisely to enhance RIG, build weapons or ammunition and healing items.
After a brief summary of the events of the previous episodes and the history before, the game opens on Tau Volantis, a planet covered by ice with a moon with an irregular shape, in which the soldiers of the SCAF (Sovereign Colonies Armed Force), Tim Kaufman and Sam Ackerman are trying to retrieve a mysterious item called the Codex for Dr. Earl Serrano. Along the way, they are attacked by some Necromorphs and Ackerman was killed by an avalanche. Kaufman, left alone, back to basics, finding his team killed outside the complex. Thus refers to the outcome of his mission commander, General Mahad, who unexpectedly kills him. Mahad then erase all the data within the Codex and commits suicide. Two hundred years later, nowadays compared to the chronology of the story of Dead Space, Isaac Clarke lives in secret on a lunar colony. In the two months following the accident on the station Sprawl, he and Ellie Langford have been in a relationship ended shortly thereafter. In his hiding burst Captain Robert Norton and Sergeant John Carver, who needs his help to find Ellie his team. The three are attacked by the soldiers of Unitology: Norton explains to Isaac that the Church of Unitology has virtually turned the EarthGov. The leader of the sect, Jacob Danik, manages to capture Clarke and activates a mark within the colony, causing an outbreak of Necromorphs. Clarke manages to escape and the trio runs off the edge of USM Eudora.
Norton manages to track down the last transmission of Ellie close to Tau Volantis, finding the remains of some ships dating back 200 years earlier. They travel through hyperspace to the destination Eudora suffers serious injuries due to mines left in the orbit of the planet. Isaac and his crew manage to evacuate the ship and reach an abandoned ship, the CMS Roanoke, which would generate an SOS signal. The group soon discovers that the ship is infested with Necromorphs, but they manage to save the “Marker Team”, which consists of Ellie, Jennifer Santos and Austin Buckell. Isaac discovers the relationship between Norton and Ellie. The protagonist is then sent by Ellie in the accommodation admiral aboard the Roanoke, which is covered with runes equal to those found on the brand. There, Isaac learns that Tau Volantis is the planet of origin of the brand and that the expedition 200 years before had found in the basement a machine able to control the Necromorphs. Ellie and Isaac, spurred on by the latter, agree to lead the team on the planet’s surface and rebuild this machine, despite the protests of Norton, who thinks that such an attempt would be a suicide mission. The Marker Team finds and restores a shuttle groped for atmospheric re-entry. During the descent, the mines and the debris field around the planet, however, cause serious damage to the shuttle, and the cockpit is divided within the atmosphere, separating Isaac Carver and the rest of the crew.
Clarke and Carver then attempt to reach out to others: however can only find Buckell wounded, who chose to stay back because of a shortage of suits for cold temperatures. Isaac still manages to point out to a nearby base, where Ellie, Santos and Norton are grouped, before dying of hypothermia. Once reunited with the other, the group decides to track down the car, as well as discover all the history behind the events on the planet: a recording of the general Mahad reveals that the SCAF had discovered aliens buried beneath the surface of the planet and had some experiments on them. When there was an outbreak of Necromorphs staff on the planet sabotaged everything possible to contain the spread of the monsters. The group, however, is to soon hunted by Danik and his men, as well as the pessimism of Norton and his growing hostility towards Isaac, who sees as a rival in love Ellie. The dispute comes to a head when Norton betrays Clarke, offering him Danik in exchange for a shuttle and freedom. Danik, however, change the plans, preferring to kill all three, but the fight is interrupted by the arrival of a giant Necromorphs. Freed of the monster and sown Danik, Norton continues its hostility towards the protagonist, Isaac blamed for every misfortune occurred during the mission. Clarke, with Carver as a witness, the captain is forced to kill in self-defense. Isaac, Ellie, Carver and Santos, now the only members of the team, then they walk to a scientific facility abandoned on the side of a mountain. Santos has in fact found some information on the Codex that lead back to the structure, created by someone named Rosetta. Just she is killed on the way up, but the other members are able to find and reassemble Rosetta, which for unknown reasons was cut into sections, some of which have been used by Dr. Serrano for his studies two hundred years ago. Replacement thus makes clear that Rosetta is an alien, and that she (or it) Isaac gains a final clarity about his visions: Tau Volantis is the homeworld of the brand, but it is the planet of these aliens, who as the ‘humanity had discovered the Marks and that because of these were infected. In addition, the moon of the planet is artificial during the convergence triggered by Brands bodies of living beings are piled up in a spot in the sky and become one gigantic being, which explains the phrase “us one” that humans infected hauntingly repeated. The message “turn it off” that Isaac had found in the apartments of the admiral, is nothing more than a command of the same brands, wishing that the machine is turned off so that the beings in the galaxy become one. The aliens, to prevent that the moon was completed and save the galaxy, they built a machine operated by the Codex which instantly froze the planet by stopping the Convergence. Clarke then understand the purpose of the mission, but at the same time is surrounded by Danik and his men, who had invaded the room while Isaac was in a trance. Danik takes possession of the code and runs away when his men are eliminated by Isaac and others. Ellie, revealing his love for Isaac, left behind to allow the protagonist and Carver to escape and chase Danik.
During the descent into the depths of the planet, in which the machine waits, Isaac and Carver found at the end of the descent of a video log created by Dr. Serrano, who reveals that there are more scattered Moons to the universe than that of Tau Volantis and with the Codex you can use the machine to resume Convergence, but also to complete the freezing of the planet and destroy the moon. The two manage to steal the codex to Danik during a fight, but it got to the car, they find themselves face him with Ellie taken hostage. Clarke, conscious that his consent would mean the death of all and not just Ellie, refuses, but Carver, seeking redemption for having left Santos to die while not putting yourself at risk, yields and delivery naively the device. Danik off the machine and restores the convergence, but is killed soon after by some debris (born due to a strong earthquake recovery), thus having no way to see the real outcome of his actions. Isaac, in a last desperate attempt to stop the process it tells Ellie to escape on a shuttle and do not come back, then, with the help of Carver, attempts to reconfigure the machine and turn off the Marks once and for all. The two succeed in the task, and the moon flakes on the surface of Tau Volantis, sanctioning the end of the influence of the universe Brands, Ellie, watched the whole thing from space, tries to contact Isaac and Carver through his transmitter, but After vain attempts, reached the realization that the two are not escaped the collision on the planet. Resigned, Ellie sets the ship’s course to Earth and walks away. After the credits, there is a short audio log of Isaac, who tries to recontact Ellie, suggesting that survived the crash.
Awakened: This chapter serves as a continuation of the story DLC for Dead Space 3 and was released from 12/03/2013. Isaac Carver and can miraculously survived after the collision with the moon, so they try to recover unitologista a shuttle back to Earth, believing that the nightmare is over in connection with trademarks. The Necromorphs are not, however, by no means defeated, Isaac fact you bump into the corpse of Norton became a monster and will understand that the threat is not yet over. And will start again to suffer from hallucinations and will be contacted directly by other Lune for the universe, which alerted to the one destroyed by Isaac, order him to lead them to Earth. Isaac Carver and found a shuttle, but can not reach Earth, they decide to get to the ship Terra Nova, the only one still in good condition, where the refugees are unitologisti. Here one of them, called ‘The Prophet’, is judging the faithful unitologisti cutting off their hands, head or ears. The Moons in the meantime will try to upset the mind of Isaac with various hallucinations, many regarding this individual or even Carver himself, so much so that Isaac at first attempt to destroy the ship and kill Carver. Manages to break free from the influence of the Moons and discovers that they already know where is the Earth and are trying to prevent the two to warn you in time. After retrieving the mental stability and have repaired the ship, Isaac Carver and head straight for the Earth, but discover that the Moons have already reached the planet and began the invasion. The chapter concludes with Isaac and Carver crashing on one of the moons, while the fortunes of Ellie are still unknown.

System Requirements

  • Windows Xp,7,Vista
  • Ram: 1 GB
  • Hard: 10GB
  • CPu: 2.8 GHz,Pentium 4
  • Video Memory: 256MB 3D


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