Hi Dear RFD User, Many User is asking us to how can i increase memory of my PC or how to boost up my PC speed. Well here's the solution

1.Insert a flash drive
2.Open up the Control Panel.
3.Go to "System."
4.Choose the advanced Tab.
5.In the Performances section, click on "Settings."
6.Choose the advanced tab there.
7.In the "Virtual Memory" Section, press "Change."
8.Select the letter corresponding to your flash drive. (Hint: It's not C.) You can let the system manage the size or customize the amount of space that you want used as virtual memory. I'm not going to use this flash drive for anything else, so I'll let the system manage it.
9.Make sure to Press Set once you've made your choice.
10.Press OK, and the changes will take effect.
11.Then restart your computer.
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13. DONE 

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  1. It depends on your computer speed, pakis tan.

  2. thank bro win rar unlocker is good is working
    i have one doubt how to download torrents with idm more than 1gg


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