Welcome friends, today i am going to teach you how to see the hackers illegal phish pages password file using Google, which all the passwords of victims are stored. As we all know 99 % hackers over internet are novice hackers or simply script kiddies. They don't know the concepts and they just follow or use the material available on internet to create Phishers to Hack Facebook, Gmail or simply passwords. Which always result in creating Phisher successfully but not a secure one because none tells the after phisher technique like how to make phishers undetectable, how to protect password files where all hacked passwords are stored etc. As most of us know that Phishing is the easiest method over internet to hack Facebook and Email account passwords, so most novice hackers opt this option to hack victims passwords. 

Most of us who are webmasters i.e. people who design websites knows the concept of Google indexing but others might not have that good idea. So let me explain first. How any website results appears in Google search results? You made the website and how does Google knows you website? All search engines uses spider and crawler software's over the web to index the new websites or latest changes in the existing websites in order to give users the best latest results. And indexing of website depends on a file located at root level of all web hosting websites, if its not present Google treats as full index. Most people think that robots.txt file is used to tell Google to index your website but actually robots.txt file used to tell Google that what you want to index from your website and what you don't want. By default, robot file allow full website indexing i.e. all files are indexed even password and database files. Woooo! Here the loophole lies. Most almost all hackers uses free web hosting websites to run the Phish pages and all free web hosting websites have default robot.txt file which means when hacker uploads its phish pages, its indexed by Google. And we all know what we use to extract smart information from Google? Off course its Google Dorks. Now we have to learn how to make our own dorks to extract hackers phish page information.

Hackers edits Form redirects of any login page and change the request mode from POST to GET in order to retrieve passwords in plain text and then they stores it in simple text and html files. Today we are going to learn how to extract those password files using Google. Well there is not much to learn in it because i have already made the DORK for you, what you have to do is just enter the same in Google and you will have access to all Hackers Phish pages password files containing all the hacked password they hacked till now.

Dork to extract all Hackers Phish Pages Password file :

inurl:"passes" OR inurl:"pass" OR inurl:"passwords" OR inurl:"credentials" -search -download -techsupt -git -games -gz -bypass -exe filetype:txt @yahoo.com OR @gmail OR @hotmail OR @rediff
Just open the Google search and enter the above dork into it, you will get all Phish page password files. 

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