Hack Airtel 3G Speed tutorial By RequestForDownloads.com
Hey RFD Users,, Believe  it or not, Airtel 3G TCP Trick based on Hike Host is  100% Working all over India with superb speed without any limits and SIM Blocking. Hike is a cross mobile Instant messaging application developed in India. Hike in partnership with Bharti Airtel have launched a new promo offer to promote Hike for Airtel user’s across the country, In this special promo Hike is totally free for all Airtel subscribers for 90 days. Hence with the latest Hike Host for Airtel, Senior members have modified new TCP 443 Config for Airtel which is tested in many states this October 2013.
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Airtel 3G TCP VPN Trick Features:

  • Based on Hike Host
  • Based on TCP-443 Config
  • Working throughout India
  • HTTPS Protocol Supported
  • No Disconnection or Balance deduction
Pass- RequestForDownloads.com

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    1. already mentioned.. its "RequestForDownloads.com" without ""

  2. their term says one can use only 15mb/month, so sim will block definetly


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