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  1. x-) Many sites had surveys and many damned things.But yours does'nt have.It is a real pain to search for premium contents like that ;-( .Thank you so much.I have no words to thank you.Your site is the best. x-) It works 100% sure.

  2. aaargh... Sir the download speed is byts/sec.And for some reason horizontal bar in zbigz is not working in firefox.Only google chrome works in zbigz my pc.So,can you upload a bytebx premium?I have a bytebx premium browser but it only gives a speed but it's size is limited.

  3. Ha! I found a solution for my problem.If i select something and press inspect element,It moves side.

    But will you mind uploading a working bytebx premium?Please reply.

  4. zbigz premium browser not working anymore


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