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The first chapter of a two-part story centered on a battle fought in China's Three Kingdoms period (220-280 A.D.). 
John Woo's historical drama Red Cliff, Part I re-creates the legendary Chinese battle from 208 A.D. that led directly to the end of the Han Dynasty. The film charts how different factions joined forces to create this turning point in history. Chow Yun-Fat stars in the film that is adapted from part of the beloved Chinese book Romance of the Three Kingdoms 

Movie Info

Release Name : Red Cliff 1
Date : 2008
Rating : 7.3/10

Release Name : Red Cliff 2
Date : 2009
Rating : 7.5/10

English Subtitle Included
Size : 1.6 GB 

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Watch Red Cliff 2 Trailer


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  1. Thank you so much sir. :)
    I am going to watch this movie.

    Can you upload far cry 2 fortune's edition? I can't afford any wasted download since i already wasted 2 times downloading not working far cry 2.

  2. The movie is good. My rating:
    Red cliff 1 - 7.8/10
    Red cliff 2 - 8.3/10


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