Idea UDP Trick with Torrent Support September 2013


Hi, RFD Users..Here is another Idea UDP VPN Trick for 2013 which seems to be working in many states without any Speed capping issue. this latest Idea UDP VPN trick is much better than all other TCP Tricks. Almost many User’s are fed up of slow TCP 443 and Proxy Tricks to overcome this issue you should at least give a Try to Latest Idea  UDP VPN Trick . This Trick is Working with Shield VPN which also supports torrents. Moreover you can also configure the same with PD proxy.

Latest Idea UDP VPN Trick

There are hundreds of GPRS tricks scattered over the web but these are being blocked on daily basis, As compared with Proxy tricks, VPN Tricks work for a longer time. This is based on a Open UDP port in Idea. This is a Location based trick so wont’ work everywhere. make sure UDP protocols are opened din your Region before implementing with method of this Idea UDP Trick

Features of Idea UDP VPN Trick

  • Based on UDP Port
As this VPN trick is based on UDP port so you can imagine Its speed and transfer rate. You will get exactly same speed what you get in normal 3G Plans. If you are not sure about UDP ports in your Area then Check open ports using PD proxy Tutorial.
  • Works In Android Phones
Yes! Now its dam easier to run a VPN Tricks on Android phones No matter if your phone is rooted or not but you can use this Config on your Android phone or Tablet using Feat VPN,Check out this tutorial to Use VPN Tricks on Android using Feat VPN.
  • HTTPS and payment gateway Supported
Usually Proxy Trick Doesn’t Support highly secured HTTPS websites or payment gateways., But if you need to Shop online using your Credit card then this Secure VPN Connection lets you to browse SSL websites.

Why Shield VPN

We are using Shield VPN for connecting with Idea UDP VPN Trick. As this method is based on UDP ports so there are hundreds of VPN scattered over the web which Supports UDP Ports but Shield VPN has the following advantages
  • Torrents Supported
  • Totally Unlimited Usage
  • No Speed Limitations
  • No Need to register for VPN Accounts
  • Secured and reliable services
  • There will be Ads in Free Versions
  • Too many servers to choose for establishing connection
  • UDP and TCP Support
  • No need to install any Applications. It runs Directly

How to configure latest Idea UDP VPN Trick

1.Download NMD VPN
2.Download config file from below link and enjoy

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  1. hey bro, it will work on blocked sim or not
    and one more query i m in raipur, chattisgarh in this area it will work or not
    plzz bro give rply i m ur daily visitor my name is sanskar

  2. where is shield vpn for idea, it not in your download link.Pls post download link or send me to dhijithpaloly@gmail.com

    1. use nmd vpn
      nmd vpn only not supports torrent

    2. bhai open port to btao and what apn?

  3. hi buddy.. m using lenovo Z570 and with idea sim in mmx 353G 3G USB MANAGER. my internet speed is too low, i can't open a page properly, Can u help me to increase my internet speed. MY email ID is sohanpasi@gmail.com

    1. yes
      i have also one z570 thrown in my home verd badly bricked but still works i can understant your probe get me on fb i will tell there

    2. i didn't find u in fb.. there are lots of people and pages related to ur name.

    3. search pratyush ashu first result will be mine

    4. or search google for pratyush ashu

  4. prathyush sir,

    download link of NMD Vpn("https://adf.ly/UqKu1")is not working.Pls post another link and pls tell me how to configure NMD vpn or where I paste config files in NMD files.. bro,is this work in kerala??

    1. links working fine .. for other problem of adfly visit http://requestfordownloads.blogspot.com/2013/06/how-to-access-adfly-links-without-any.html

    2. how to configure???? pls tell me where to paste downloaded config files or what the use of downloaded config files

    3. Open installed directory [where nmdvpn installed] open config folder paste the give config.


    4. not working here kerala..I think given config files only for shield VPN not NMD. Pls test and verify before posting

  5. nice work but connection failed what to do!!

  6. great work bro but connection failed ..........how about u tell me where u get these tricks
    i m ur daily visitor please

  7. Pls post config files for nmd vpn september2013


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