Hi RFD users, Today I will tell you how to shut down any computer which  is connected to your home or school network. This will be a short and sweet guide. I am sure some of you are aware of this method as it is very simple, but nonetheless, Let's cut to the chase. 

Step 1 : Create a folder 

Step 2 : Create a notepad/.txt file

                             Click on image to enlarge

Step 3 : Open the text file and right this (name it cmd) 

Step 4 : Click 'Save As' and make it cmd.bat 

Step 5 : Open the shutdown.bat, you should see this 

To shutdown your targets computer, you must type, school name/initials here, mine is AHS, then you type the room number it's located in, so for example ahs_405_11706.
Or, you may click the 'browse' option, and you'll see every computer on that network, and I mean every single one.

Now you're done!

I hope you all appreciate this guide, it didn't take long but I thought it would help some people learn, and mess with their teachers/friends. Also, if command prompt isn't disabled by your administrators, then open command prompt and type in 'shutdown -i' and then follow further instructions. ( Jump to step 6! )
Remember, a vouch on the thread is always appreciated,  Enjoy!

If they have a laptop, it's easiest to get their student number/laptop number ( Like my school ) That's why the 'browse' option is pretty helpful, also, that helped me find all my teachers computers, so if I have a late paper I'll repeatedly shut their computer down, and they'll eventually give up thinking it's a virus or something. 


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