Death Note Complete Series (1-37)

Death Note Complete Series (1-37)

Light Yagami is a bored young genius who resents all things evil. His life undergoes a drastic change when he discovers the "Death Note", a notebook that kills anyone whose name is written in it. After experimenting with the notebook, Light confirms its authenticity and is joined by an unexpected house guest - the notebook's previous owner, a shinigami called Ryuk. Light tells Ryuk of his plan to exterminate all the criminals in the world, until only people who he has judged to be honest and kind remain. Once he finishes creating this utopia, he means to rule over it as what he calls "the god of the new world".

Soon, the inexplicable deaths of criminals catch the attention of Interpol and the world-famous detective, "L". L quickly learns that the serial killer, publicly known as "Kira" (キラ?, derived from the Japanese pronunciation of the word "killer"), is located in Japan and can kill people by supernatural means. Light realizes that L will be his greatest hindrance, and begins a cat and mouse game with him.
Light attempts to create an alibi by helping L and his task force track down Kira. His plan is impeded by a lovestruck second Kira, famous model Misa Amane, and her shinigami Rem. When Misa identifies Light as the first Kira and tracks him down to his home, the two of them embark on a mutually manipulative and one-sided relationship. However, Misa's infatuation with Light drives her to make several errors, and the two of them are increasingly suspected by L. Misa is soon arrested. To save themselves from execution, they temporarily relinquish ownership of their notebooks—returning themselves to a state of innocence by erasing their memories of the murders—and are detained under L's constant surveillance. Download Death Note Complete Anime Series to enjoy the remaining story.

Release Info

Release Name : Death Note 
Episodes : 37
Language : Japanese
Subtitle : English
Quality : 360p
Size : 25mb each

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Death Note Anime Complete Series (1-37) 25mb - Direct Download 1

Death Note Anime Complete Series (1-37) 25mb - Direct Download 2

Death Note Anime Complete Series (1-37) 25mb - Direct Download 3

Death Note Anime Complete Series (1-37) 25mb - Direct Download 4

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  1. Sorry for the delay , it tool me long to find these and each episode are only 20mb , you cant find that anywhere else :d

    1. Sir please upload a movie named three kingdoms the resurrection of the dragon.below 1gb

    2. K dude , whin thin sunday i will upload them :)

  2. cn u upload Gta 5 PS3 version plzz admin

    1. No problem dude , but due to copyright protection , the links are being deleted, i will add them ASAP :d

  3. thnx bro bt cn u tell how much time and cn u giv a working ps3 emulator with working bios

    1. It's frustrating to say bro... It's really hard to find a perfect
      ps3 emulator.

      I just pray pcsx2 also creates a ps3 emulator.Am i greedy? :-d

  4. This anime is really worth watching.It's still nice though it is not on par with Naruto. :)

  5. bt admin can get working he is a genius


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