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This Trick Is Working In All States Including West Bangal ..... Tested By Me :)


First Crate 2 Connection Settings With 2 APNs

1.APN Name - bsnl.mnc0xx.mcc404.gprs

2.APN Name - bsnlnet

Now Connect With 1st APN Connection, It Will Not Connect. Mind It Should Not Connect,

Then Quickly Connect With 2nd APN Connection (bsnlnet). Now You Can Use Free 3G Unlimited Data.

Note: Use MNC-MCC Code Of Other Nearest State If Your State's MNC-MCC Code Is Not Work.

I Mean If You Are From Kolkata Then Use MNC-MCC Code Of West Bengal, UP, Bihar, Orissa.etc.

For Kolkata Use MNC - 076 And MCC - 404, Replace The 1St APN Config With That. After Replace

Its Look Like That - (bsnlnet.mmc076.mcc404.gprs)

For All State MNC And MCC Codes
1INA 00404-00SISTEMA SHYAMRajasthan
2INA 01404-01VodafoneHaryana
3INA 02404-02AirtelPunjab
4INA 03404-03AirtelHimachal Pradesh
5INA 04404-04IdeaDelhi
6INA 05404-05VodafoneGujarat
7INA 07404-07IdeaAndhra Pradesh
8INA 09404-09Reliance TelecomAssam
9INA 10404-10AirtelDelhi
10INA 11404-11VodafoneDelhi
11INA 12404-12IdeaHaryana
12INA 13404-13VodafoneAndhra Pradesh
13INA 14404-14SPICEPunjab
14INA 15404-15VodafoneUttar Pradesh (East)
15INA 16404-16AirtelNorth East
16INA 17404-17AircelWest Bengal
17INA 18404-18Reliance TelecomHimachal Pradesh
18INA 19404-19IDEAKerala
19INA 20404-20VodafoneMumbai
20INA 21404-21LOOPMumbai
21INA 22404-22IDEAMaharashtra
22INA 24404-24IDEAGujarat
23INA 25404-25AircelBihar
24INA 27404-27VodafoneMaharashtra
25INA 28404-28AircelOrissa
26INA 29404-29AircelAssam
27INA 30404-30VodafoneKolkata
28INA 31404-31AIRTELKolkata
29INA 33404-33AircelNorth East
30INA 34404-34BSNLHaryana
31INA 35404-35AircelHimachal Pradesh
32INA 36404-36Reliance TelecomBihar
33INA 37404-37AircelJammu & Kashmir
34INA 38404-38BSNLAssam
35INA 40404-40AIRTELChennai
36INA 41404-41AIRCELChennai
37INA 42404-42AIRCELTamilnadu
38INA 43404-43VodafoneTamilnadu
39INA 44404-44SPICEKarnataka
40INA 45404-45AIRTELKarnataka
41INA 46404-46VodafoneKerala
42INA 49404-49AIRTELAndhra Pradesh
43INA 50404-50Reliance TelecomNorth East
44INA 51404-51BSNLHimachal Pradesh
45INA 52404-52Reliance TelecomOrissa
46INA 53404-53BSNLPunjab
47INA 54404-54BSNLUttar Pradesh (West)
48INA 55404-55BSNLUttar Pradesh (East)
49INA 56404-56IDEAUttar Pradesh (West)
50INA 57404-57BSNLGujarat
51INA 58404-58BSNLMadhya Pradesh
52INA 59404-59BSNLRajasthan
53INA 60404-60VodafoneRajasthan
54INA 62404-62BSNLJammu & Kashmir
55INA 64404-64BSNLChennai
56INA 66404-66BSNLMaharashtra
57INA 67404-67Reliance TelecomMadhya Pradesh
58INA 68404-68MTNLDelhi
59INA 69404-69MTNLMumbai
60INA 70404-70AIRTELRajasthan
61INA 71404-71BSNLKarnataka
62INA 72404-72BSNLKerala
63INA 73404-73BSNLAndhra Pradesh
64INA 74404-74BSNLWest Bengal
65INA 75404-75BSNLBihar
66INA 76404-76BSNLOrissa
67INA 77404-77BSNLNorth East
68INA 78404-78IDEAMadhya Pradesh
69INA 79404-79BSNLAndaman Nicobar
70INA 80404-80BSNLTamilnadu
71INA 81404-81BSNLKolkata
72INA 82404-82IDEAHimachal Pradesh
73INA 83404-83Reliance TelecomKolkata
74INA 84404-84VodafoneChennai
75INA 85404-85Reliance TelecomWest Bengal
76INA 86404-86VodafoneKarnataka
77INA 87404-87IDEARajasthan
78INA 88404-88VodafonePunjab
79INA 89404-89IDEAUttar Pradesh (East)
80INA 90404-90AIRTELMaharashtra
81INA 91404-91AircelKolkata
82INA 92404-92AIRTELMumbai
83INA 93404-93AIRTELMadhya Pradesh
84INA 94404-94AIRTELTamilnadu
85INA 95404-95AIRTELKerala
86INA 96404-96AIRTELHaryana
87INA 97404-97AIRTELUttar Pradesh (West)
88INA 98404-98AIRTELGujarat
89IND 01405-01RELIANCE COMM.Andhra Pradesh
90IND 03405-03RELIANCE COMM.Bihar
91IND 04405-04RELIANCE COMM.Chennai
92IND 05405-05RELIANCE COMM.Delhi
93IND 06405-06RELIANCE COMM.Gujarat
94IND 07405-07RELIANCE COMM.Haryana
95IND 08405-08RELIANCE COMM.Himachal Pradesh
96IND 09405-09RELIANCE COMM.Jammu & Kashmir
97IND 10405-10RELIANCE COMM.Karnataka
98IND 11405-11RELIANCE COMM.Kerala
99IND 12405-12RELIANCE COMM.Kolkata
100IND 13405-13RELIANCE COMM.Maharashtra
101IND 14405-14RELIANCE COMM.Madhya Pradesh
102IND 15405-15RELIANCE COMM.Mumbai
103IND 17405-17RELIANCE COMM.Orissa
104IND 18405-18RELIANCE COMM.Punjab
105IND 19405-19RELIANCE COMM.Rajasthan
106IND 20405-20RELIANCE COMM.Tamilnadu
107IND 21405-21RELIANCE COMM.Uttar Pradesh (East)
108IND 22405-22RELIANCE COMM.Uttar Pradesh (West)
109IND 23405-23RELIANCE COMM.West Bengal
110IND 24405-24HFCL INFOTEL- CDMAPunjab
111IND 025405-025TATA TELE.Andhra Pradesh
112IND 026405-026TATA TELE.Assam
113IND 027405-027TATA TELE.Bihar
114IND 028405-028TATA TELE.Chennai
115IND 029405-029TATA TELE.Delhi
116IND 030405-030TATA TELE.Gujarat
117IND 031405-031TATA TELE.Haryana
118IND 032405-032TATA TELE.Himachal Pradesh
119IND 033405-033TATA TELE.Jammu & Kashmir
120IND 034405-034TATA TELE.Karnataka
121IND 035405-035TATA TELE.Kerala
122IND 036405-036TATA TELE.Kolkata
123IND 037405-037TATA TELE.Maharashtra
124IND 038405-038TATA TELE.Madhya Pradesh
125IND 039405-039TATA TELE.Mumbai
126IND 040405-040TATA TELE.North East
127IND 041405-041TATA TELE.Orissa
128IND 042405-042TATA TELE.Punjab
129IND 043405-043TATA TELE.Rajasthan
130IND 044405-044TATA TELE.Tamilnadu
131IND 045405-045TATA TELE.Uttar Pradesh (East)
132IND 046405-046TATA TELE.Uttar Pradesh (West)
133IND 047405-047TATA TELE.West Bengal
135IND 51405-51AIRTELWest Bengal
136IND 52405-52AIRTELBihar
137IND 53405-53AIRTELOrissa
138IND 54405-54AIRTELUttar Pradesh (East)
139IND 55405-55AIRTELJammu & Kashmir
140IND 56405-56AIRTELAssam
141IND 66405-66VodafoneUttar Pradesh (West)
142IND 67405-67VodafoneWest Bengal
143IND 70405-70IDEABihar
144IND 750405-750VodafoneJammu & Kashmir
145IND 751405-751VodafoneAssam
146IND 752405-752VodafoneBihar
147IND 753405-753VodafoneOrissa
148IND 754405-754VodafoneHimachal Pradesh
149IND 755405-755VodafoneNorth East
150IND 756405-756VodafoneMadhya Pradesh
151IND 799405-799IDEAMumbai
152IND 800405-800AIRCELDelhi
153IND 801405-801AIRCELAndhra Pradesh
154IND 802405-802AIRCELGujarat
155IND 803405-803AIRCELKarnataka
156IND 804405-804AIRCELMaharashtra
157IND 805405-805AIRCELMumbai
158IND 806405-806AIRCELRajasthan
159IND 807405-807AIRCELHaryana
160IND 808405-808AIRCELMadhya Pradesh
161IND 809405-809AIRCELKerala
162IND 810405-810AIRCELUttar Pradesh (East)
163IND 811405-811AIRCELUttar Pradesh (West)
164IND 812405-812AIRCELPunjab
165IND 813405-813Unitech WirelessHaryana
166IND 814405-814Unitech WirelessHimachal Pradesh
167IND 815405-815Unitech WirelessJammu & Kashmir
168IND 816405-816Unitech WirelessPunjab
169IND 817405-817Unitech WirelessRajasthan
170IND 818405-818Unitech WirelessUttar Pradesh (West)
171IND 819405-819Unitech WirelessAndhra Pradesh
172IND 820405-820Unitech WirelessKarnataka
173IND 821405-821Unitech WirelessKerala
174IND 822405-822Unitech WirelessKolkata
175IND 823405-823VIDEOCON-DATACOMAndhra Pradesh
176IND 824405-824VIDEOCON-DATACOMAssam
177IND 825405-825VIDEOCON-DATACOMBihar
178IND 826405-826VIDEOCON-DATACOMDelhi
179IND 827405-827VIDEOCON-DATACOMGujarat
180IND 828405-828VIDEOCON-DATACOMHaryana
181IND 829405-829VIDEOCON-DATACOMHimachal Pradesh
182IND 830405-830VIDEOCON-DATACOMJammu & Kashmir
183IND 831405-831VIDEOCON-DATACOMKarnataka
184IND 832405-832VIDEOCON-DATACOMKerala
185IND 833405-833VIDEOCON-DATACOMKolkata
186IND 834405-834VIDEOCON-DATACOMMadhya Pradesh
187IND 835405-835VIDEOCON-DATACOMMaharashtra
188IND 836405-836VIDEOCON-DATACOMMumbai
189IND 837405-837VIDEOCON-DATACOMNorth East
190IND 838405-838VIDEOCON-DATACOMOrissa
191IND 839405-839VIDEOCON-DATACOMRajasthan
192IND 840405-840VIDEOCON-DATACOMTamilnadu
193IND 841405-841VIDEOCON-DATACOMUttar Pradesh (East)
194IND 842405-842VIDEOCON-DATACOMUttar Pradesh (West)
195IND 843405-843VIDEOCON-DATACOMWest Bengal
196IND 844405-844Unitech WirelessDelhi
197IND 845405-845IDEAAssam
198IND 846405-846IDEAJammu & Kashmir
199IND 847405-847IDEAKarnataka
200IND 848405-848IDEAKolkata
201IND 849405-849IDEANorth East
202IND 850405-850IDEAOrissa
203IND 851405-851IDEAPunjab
204IND 852405-852IDEATamilnadu
205IND 853405-853IDEAWest Bengal
206IND 854405-854LOOPAndhra Pradesh
207IND 855405-855LOOPAssam
208IND 856405-856LOOPBihar
209IND 857405-857LOOPDelhi
210IND 858405-858LOOPGujarat
211IND 859405-859LOOPHaryana
212IND 860405-860LOOPHimachal Pradesh
213IND 861405-861LOOPJammu & Kashmir
214IND 862405-862LOOPKarnataka
215IND 863405-863LOOPKerala
216IND 864405-864LOOPKolkata
217IND 865405-865LOOPMadhya Pradesh
218IND 866405-866LOOPMaharashtra
219IND 867405-867LOOPNorth East
220IND 868405-868LOOPOrissa
221IND 869405-869LOOPPunjab
222IND 870405-870LOOPRajasthan
223IND 871405-871LOOPTamilnadu
224IND 872405-872LOOPUttar Pradesh (East)
225IND 873405-873LOOPUttar Pradesh (West)
226IND 874405-874LOOPWest Bengal
227IND 875405-875Unitech WirelessAssam
228IND 876405-876Unitech WirelessBihar
229IND 877405-877Unitech WirelessNorth East
230IND 878405-878Unitech WirelessOrissa
231IND 879405-879Unitech WirelessUttar Pradesh (East)
232IND 880405-880Unitech WirelessWest Bengal
233IND 881405-881S TELAssam
234IND 882405-882S TELBihar
235IND 883405-883S TELHimachal Pradesh
236IND 884405-884S TELJammu & Kashmir
237IND 885405-885S TELNorth East
238IND 886405-886S TELOrissa
239IND 887405-887SISTEMA SHYAMAndhra Pradesh
240IND 888405-888SISTEMA SHYAMAssam
241IND 889405-889SISTEMA SHYAMBihar
242IND 890405-890SISTEMA SHYAMDelhi
243IND 891405-891SISTEMA SHYAMGujarat
244IND 892405-892SISTEMA SHYAMHaryana
245IND 893405-893SISTEMA SHYAMHimachal Pradesh
246IND 894405-894SISTEMA SHYAMJammu & Kashmir
247IND 895405-895SISTEMA SHYAMKarnataka
248IND 896405-896SISTEMA SHYAMKerala
249IND 897405-897SISTEMA SHYAMKolkata
250IND 898405-898SISTEMA SHYAMMadhya Pradesh
251IND 899405-899SISTEMA SHYAMMaharashtra
252IND 900405-900SISTEMA SHYAMMumbai
253IND 901405-901SISTEMA SHYAMNorth East
254IND 902405-902SISTEMA SHYAMOrissa
255IND 903405-903SISTEMA SHYAMPunjab
256IND 904405-904SISTEMA SHYAMTamilnadu
257IND 905405-905SISTEMA SHYAMUttar Pradesh (East)
258IND 906405-906SISTEMA SHYAMUttar Pradesh (West)
259IND 907405-907SISTEMA SHYAMWest Bengal
260IND 908405-908SPICEAndhra Pradesh
261IND 909405-909SPICEDelhi
262IND 910405-910SPICEHaryana
263IND 911405-911SPICEMaharashtra
264IND 912405-912Etisalat DBAndhra Pradesh
265IND 913405-913Etisalat DBDelhi
266IND 914405-914Etisalat DBGujarat
267IND 915405-915Etisalat DBHaryana
268IND 916405-916Etisalat DBKarnataka
269IND 917405-917Etisalat DBKerala
270IND 918405-918Etisalat DBMaharashtra
271IND 919405-919Etisalat DBMumbai
272IND 920405-920Etisalat DBPunjab
273IND 921405-921Etisalat DBRajasthan
274IND 922405-922Etisalat DBTamilnadu
275IND 923405-923Etisalat DBUttar Pradesh (East)
276IND 924405-924Etisalat DBUttar Pradesh (West)
277IND 925405-925Unitech WirelessTamilnadu
278IND 926405-926Unitech WirelessMumbai
279IND 927405-927Unitech WirelessGujarat
280IND 928405-928Unitech WirelessMadhya Pradesh
281IND 929405-929Unitech WirelessMaharashtra
282IND 930405-930Etisalat DBBihar
283IND 931405-931Etisalat DBMadhya Pradesh
284IND 932405-932VIDEOCON (HFCL)-GSMPunjab


Simple Procedure to find out all 22/23 circles MNC codes for a mobile operator
Please insert SIM in LG GB110 Handset (Other handset may have this feature). Select Preferred network from Network setting and you will find all circles MNC Codes. These codes are stored in your SIM. (Old SIM may not have updated information).

No Proxy,Port And Homepage Needed .........

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  1. this trick is closed in april 2013

  2. that,s not working for me in haryana

  3. its working in old sim .....i have new sim card ...please help me ...


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