Hello Friends! I am Telling about This NEW GTA San Andreas Crips 2013. This Very Professional Game Released By Rockstar on 2006. Now, RGPackers make some Changes in this Game Like - New Cars, Bikes, Buildings, Sounds, Peds, Girlfriends etc.

[Here's a list of changes]


1. Grove Street are Crips now, including homies and tags!
Ballas are Bloods now, including tags!

2. Improved graphics!!! : New HQ Textures, HQ Effects, ENBseries with High Quality Settings, HQ Reflections, HQ Water, New Interiors, HQ Clouds and much more!!!

3. All Vehicles changed to Real Vehicles! (Replaced all Cars, Airplanes, Helicopters, Boats, Trains, Bikes!)

4. New Wheels + Rims for cars!

5. Real Restaurants and some Real Shops! (Mcdonalds, KFC, Footlocker and more!)

6. Real Billboards!

7. Real Weapons!

8. Hot Coffee Mod!

6. Lots of New Clothing!

7. Crip Loading Screens!

8. Crip Style Menu's!

9. New HUD!

10. New Map!

11. New Intro with CJ rap and crip whistle!

12. Lots of New Animations for CJ!

13. Car select menu when pressing 2 while playing!

14. Increased view distance!

1. GTA San Andreas Old Version..!

[Install Notes]

1. Install a clean original copy of GTA San Andreas!!!

2. Open the .Rar file And copy all the files to your GTA San Andreas Folder(C:Program Files (x86)Rockstar GamesGTA San Andreas).

3. Overwrite All Files!

4. Start the game from your shortcut on the Desktop.

5. Enjoy the new intro!

6. Start a new game! (Skip the first cutscene, read "known bugs" below for more info!)

7. (Optional) Add Some New Music in "C:\Users\Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\Tracks" for a Better 2013 Felling!

[Known Bugs]

When starting a new game, after the first cutscene, CJ is invisible and can't move when the police throwes him out of the car.
Solution is to skip the first cutscene when you start a new game.
Now everything should work fine, also all the other cutscene's should be working correctly now.

If the game is in russian when you start it the first time, select the second option in the menu, then the last option, then the second.
Now it should be in english! 

Click Here To Download GTA SanAndreas Cips 2013
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