Singam 2 [2013] - Tamil - DVDRip - 1CD - XviD - [Lotus]

Picking up the storyline from where Singam ended, Duraisingam (Suriya) has gone undercover after meeting the Home Minister and is working as an NCC officer in a school in Thoothukudi. The only people who know about this operation are the Chief Minister and Home Minister apart from himself. Sathya (Hansika Motwani) is a student who falls for Duraisingam though he is waiting to marry Kavya (Anushka Shetty), his love interest from the previous film. Susai (Santhanam), a local who works in the same school shows Duraisingam parts of Thoothukudi and also tells him about the rouge elements dominating the area helping him in his surveillance. He requests the Home Minister to transfer Erimalai (Vivek) and another cop for assisting him. Sathya's moves are frequently repulsed by Duraisingam who learns that Sathya is the niece of Thangaraj (Rahman). Bhai (Mukesh Rishi) and Thangaraj, are two criminals who control the area. Bhai and Thangaraj have connections with an international gangster and drug lord Danny (Danny Sapani). Though Bhai and Thangaraj are partners in their smuggling business, they conceal their partnership to the outside world and pretend like arch rivals when they are out in the public. How Singam handles Bhai and Thangaraj to catch the International convict Danny remains rest of the story. The story ends with Durai Singam travelling to South Africa, Durban in an attempt to catch Danny and put him back in the same cell he broke out of earlier in the movie. After a hectic chase across land and water, Durai Singam captures Danny and locks him back in the same cell back in Tamil Nadu. Seen smiling across the road is Kavya, and it is made clear that Durai Singam has made it back for their wedding on the same day. The plot ends is left open-ended.

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