Raanjhanaa (2013) 

Kundan Shankar (played by Dhanush) is the son of a Tamil priest. Since his childhood days, Kundan has had a strong and obsessive one-sided love for Zoya Haider (played by Sonam Kapoor), a Muslim girl residing in Varanasi whose father is a professor. Though he sees her first as a child, Kundan is steadfast in his love for Zoya. When she is at school, he always attempts to be around her and hold her hand but gets slapped several times in the process. Zoya finally changes her mind because of Kundan's constancy of affection and attraction. Zoya's family is orthodox, preventing the lovers from being together. By the time Zoya moves to Aligarh for her further studies, Kundan harmonizes with Zoya's family, assisting them with various works especially pertaining to house. The film shifts its centre when Zoya gets into Jawaharlal Nehru University and through her, the idealistic and political culture of the Delhi is explored. She discovers a long-lost strength as she confronts and then falls for student leader Jasjeet Singh Shergill (disguised as Akram Zaidi for political reasons in the film; played by Abhay Deol) in Delhi.
After a period of eight years, Zoya returns to Varanasi. She barely recognizes Kundan when she meets him again. Kundan again attempts to ask Zoya for her love but she is reluctant, revealing that she is in love with Akram. Zoya then urges Kundan to convince her family about her marriage with Akram. Initially refusing the plans because he still loves her, Kundan eventually agrees to it and sets about trying to convince Zoya's father of the match. Kundan gets his work done and the wedding of Zoya and Akram is arranged. Kundan promises Zoya that he will also tie the knot with another girl and will forget her. Kundan proposes to his childhood friend Bindiya (Swara Bhaskar), who has had a crush on Kundan since their childhood days, for marriage.

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