Hi RFD users,  In this tutorial I will tell you how to make yourself administrator on your school laptops, in Australia we got given laptops to use instead of books and I have found a way around the protection they have, it's nearly air tight.  So lets get started.

1. First of all we have to find a way to get into "Startup Repair". All I done was started it and mid boot disconnected the battery, this probably isn't good for it, but it works.

2. Wait for the "Startup Repair" to complete, it will say that it found no errors and give you the option to send a report. Do not close this box!

3. Find where it says "View error information" or something similar to that, Click on it and it will open up a notepad. 

4. Click File > Save, then navigate to C:/windows/system32/.

5. Locate rename "osk.exe" to anything, this is the On Screen Keyboard.

6. Locate and copy "cmd.exe" and paste it in system32 and rename the copy of "cmd.exe" to "osk.exe".

7. You are now finished with "Startup Repair", reboot your laptop but do not login!

8. Click the "Accessibility Wheel" and turn on "On Screen Keyboard".

9. This will open command prompt, type 'control userpasswords2' and set your account to administrator!

Congratulations you are now Administrator!

Now all you need to do is locate your proxy client that is installed on your laptop. You can find this in "Program Files".

Mine was "BlueCoat Proxy", I renamed the "ProxyClientConfig.xml" to something else and it disables it.'
You're all done, it's pretty simple.

Note : - I am not responsible for any trouble you get in, if you get caught.

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