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  1. I can't download from the steps given. When I had completed the last step, the download page said "wrong IP", and only able to download a webpage instead. Please help. Thanks.

    1. No. I am just using wireless. I've turned off my VPN(Hotspot shield) as well.

    2. this error come when your ip change while visiting download page.. none of other user getting this error. you can try other mirror links to download or if you wanna fix this issue then you should contact the admin of megafiles on .hope they will help you.

    3. Hi, I had contacted megafiles but I still have not replied to me yet. It had been 5 days already. No idea how to do it. =(

    4. go to and put megafiles download link and try to download.. pls reply me if its work

    5. I can't enter the captcha when using and therefore getting "wrong captcha" all the time.

    6. clear cache/cookies of ur browser or try different browser and try..

    7. I still can't solve the problem even though I cleared the cookies/caches and changing browser. Instead of the captcha, it keeps on giving me this message:
      "domain / ckey mismatch (wx5.DVfGUF0ZcjaAsn0-iMVbnxBFxWUM)"
      I am not sure how to solve it.

    8. you should report it to Megafiles.. thats all we can say.. if you are not able to download any files from RFD then pls comment on that post.. we will try to provide you other mirror links..


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