Dynasty Warriors 5

With the largest cast of characters ever assembled, the biggest battlefields to conquer, an incredible array of new attacks, powerful weapons, smarter soldiers and tougher challenges, KOEI presents its most ambitious Shin Sangoku Musou adventure thus far. Promised to be the largest game in the franchise to ever appear on the PlayStation 2, Dynasty Warriors 5 also provides nearly 50 different storylines (one unique to each character), noticeable draw-distance and animation improvements, an enhanced bodyguard system, the stronghold elements from Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires, and a multitude of other important upgrades. Released exclusively for the PlayStation 2.
ESR tested. ESR users will need to patch. Extracts to ISO 

Size: 2.91GB

Download Here

Part 1

Part 2





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  1. sir.Kindly upload dynasty warriors 6 english.You showed two links of dynasty warriors 5

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry for the inconvenience , I will upload it within 2 days .


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