IF U CAN SPEND UPTO RS 12 then you can use this process easily

Airtel sim unblocking trick (working 100%)
Today i am sharing airtel sim unblocking trick [tested by me and my friends]

Here are the steps of unblocking airtel sim-

1. Recharge with Rs103 3G pack.
2. Then use all data and make 3G balance 0.00mb .
3. Left ur sim for few hrs.
4. After that rec with Rs 11 3G pack.
5. Then left ur sim for 24-48 hrs.

Then see the magic, ur sim is unblocked now.
Its working 100%.
I unblocked my own 4 airtel sims.

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  1. thanx Pratyush,,
    is there any other way to unlock my sim without recharge........
    I means about free trick.

    1. no,
      sim gets blocked due to free internet
      and it worths paying something to continue for free :)
      this is the only solution available on net for pc there is another trik tested or phone but only for phone supporting 3g

  2. Thanx again 4 giving ur best response,,
    n i vl try this trick, I hope this vl work..


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