Hi Members, this a new airtel free 3g trick working in many parts of India. This is a proxy based 3g trick working in both 3g and 2g modes.:)

Features of this trick:
•Working in many States of India
•Working at zero balance (both in 2g and 3g speeds).
•Still works after data gets finished.
•No sim blocking if followed all the mentioned steps.

Procedure of this trick:
1. Get a zero balanced your state or circle sim having no 2g data.:) 
2. Recharge Rs.9 25 mb 3g pack. (Do not recharge this pack in your airtel 3g sim otherwise youwill receive 30 min 3g, which is unsupported for this trick. Use your state circle sim.):) 
3. Set the required proxy in your browser( Firefox most recommended) and in your download manager.:) 
4. Open the given home page and put your url there(such as www.google.co.in etc):) 
5. ENJOY browsing and downloading still after data gets finished. If speed gets capped again recharge with the same pack.:) 


Proxy Server:

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  1. Replies
    1. state or circel sim not state circle sim means the sim should be of the proper state from where u are trying 2 use or appropriate circel where u are using

  2. hey bro i hav tried this trick in kerala by using banglore sim.......this trick wasz working nd giving me 2g speed.....den i recharged 9 rs 25 mb plan.......sudeenly i gt 3g speed upto 400kbps nd wen latr i disconnected my data also didn't deduct nd i was like woow.....bt i dont knw hw my speed capped......even aftr i m having 25 mb still left i m not getting 3g speed.....................nd yea bro this trick is working fine nd there is no money or data dectuction but speed capping is there ...so bro help!

  3. hey bro speed capping is there bro.......i used this trick and it was workin like 2g speed...den i activated 9 rs 3g pack...den i was getting dwnloading speed upto 400kbps and there was no data deduction...i guess 0.5 deduction aftr every disconnection trick was working fine...............but latr my speed capped nw m oly gettingg 2g speeed even though i m having 3g balance of 24 mb........................m using banglore sim in kerala as there is no 3g here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @ john your sim is blocked dude for support join my forum or group dont flood here

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