The Lone Ranger is a 2013 American western film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films and directed by Gore Verbinski. Based on the radio series of the same name, the film stars Armie Hammer in the title role and Johnny Depp as Tonto and explores the duo's efforts to subdue the immoral actions of the corrupt and bring justice in the American Old West. William Fichtner, Barry Pepper, Ruth Wilson, James Badge Dale, and Helena Bonham Carter are also featured in supporting roles. The film marks the first theatrical film featuring the Lone Ranger character in over 32 years.
Filming was plagued with production problems and budgetary concerns, which at one point, led to the film's premature cancellation. The Lone Ranger was released theatrically in the United States on July 3, 2013. Upon release, the film received a negative critical reception and performed poorly at the domestic box office.
In 1933 at a fair in San Francisco, a young boy, Will, who idolizes a legend known as the Lone Ranger, encounters a seemingly ordinary mannequin that is revealed to be a real native American named Tonto, an elderly Comanche, who proceeds to recount his experiences with lawyer John Reid, the Lone Ranger.
In Colby, Texas, 1869, Reid returns home via the uncompleted Transcontinental Railroad, managed by railroad tycoon Latham Cole. Unbeknownst to John, the train is also carrying Tonto and outlaw Butch Cavendish, who is being transported for his hanging after being apprehended by Dan Reid, John's Texas Ranger brother. Cavendish's gang rescues Cavendish and hijacks the train, which derails soon after, resulting in Tonto's arrest by John and Dan. Dan recruits John as a Texas Ranger and with six others, track down the Cavendish gang.
A few days into their expedition, the group is ambushed in a canyon by Cavendish's men who kill the Rangers, including Dan, who has his heart eaten by Butch. John is injured as well in the attack and dies, only to be found and revived by Silver, a white spirit horse thought to be sacred by the Comanche. When Reid awakens, he is informed by Tonto of his new status as a "spirit walker" (one that has been to the other side), and reveals that he cannot be killed in battle. Tonto also confirms that Collins (one of the seven Rangers) betrayed Dan and is working alongside Cavendish, a "wendigo". As John is thought to be dead, he hesitantly wears a mask to protect his identity from enemies. Tonto also gives John a silver bullet made from the fallen Rangers' badges and tells him to use it on Cavendish. They then travel to a brothel which had been visited by Collins recently.


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