The famous "Fast and Furious" is ready to break into the world of video games. 
For the first time, you can become the protagonists of exciting stories, bringing 
together all the films of the series, including a new, sixth of the films!

 Together with the characters of this furious racing action you have to get behind 
the wheel of the best car and challenge the international crime syndicate. Float 
marksmanship skills, theft and extreme driving. The plot is full of spectacular 
stunts, spectacular street chases and clever machines will unfold around the world, 
from Rio and Los Angeles to Moscow itself. Will you be able to resist the desire for
 speed and thrills?

♦ Features:
Swift race in the team: manage the world's fastest cars and go 
risky missions with a friend or a computer partner
Impressive test: test your skills and follow the exciting task in 
Challenge Mode Mode
Incredible possibilities of tuning: create the car of your dreams and
 enhance it with dozens of accessories
Global history of "Fast and Furious": hijackings, attacks and chases 
in eight locations in the original grand plot linked to all the films from 
the series.

Screen Shots


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