You can use pendrives or portable hard disks for using this h*ck software.Just install this software to your removable storage device and plug this to your victims PC, and all their personal details will be in your hand.Ok now we can look how to install and use this software. FEATURES OF USB THIEF By using USB thief you can get the following details 
=> Visited Links List 
=> Internet Explorer Cache List 
=> Internet Explorer 
=> Passwords List
 => Instant Messengers Accounts List 
=> Installed Windows Updates List 
=> Mozilla Cache List 
=> Cookies List 
=> Mozilla History List
 => Instant Messengers Accounts List 
=> Search Queries List 
=> Adapters Report 
=> Network Passwords List
 => TCP/UDP Ports List
 => Product Key List 
=> Protected Storage 
=> Passwords List
 => PST Passwords List 
=> Startup Programs List
 => Video Cache List

How to {TUTORIAL}:
2). Decompress the archive and put all the files located in the folder COPY into a USB.
3.). Now run the file hideh.bat (this makes the files totaly hiden which can not be seen even using show hide option). 
4). Now delete the file hideh.bat WHAT NEXT ?? Just plug the USB drive into victims pc open up wait for 4 sec and done!!
-- When you decompress the archive, it will create folder named USBThief_ WWW.DATDAT 
1. Go in it there will b file showh.bat 
2. Just copy it to USB and double click on it now refresh and u will see all folders in USB 
3. Open IMNeoWorld and Done!!! Now you can see all the private files there !!! Enjoy !!!!!

If ADF.Ly not working then:


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