UPDATE-AIRTEL 3g HACK WITHOUT ANY PROXY JULY 2013 confirmed all over india-clik here to get it           

                                     AIRCEL hack


                                    BACK WITH POWER  again

NOTE-no need of vpn or any client 100% based on confusing the server of aircel


1-no need of any client software

2-95% free(cause you will have to recharge with 250 max rupee)

3-connect and enjoy         

4- no speed capping

5-speeds upto 3.1 mbps     


1-you need to recharge with at least rs 250 of total   

2- you need to wake up at night to activate the trick sory for interupptin ur sleep

3-this trick may not work in 2 of 23 cases my local friends tried


1-first activate rs 198 plan in the afternoon after 12 o'clock

2-consume all the 3g data before 3'oclock{1gb}

3-keep connected  till 6'o'clock     

4-disconnect and remain for 5 minutes

5-activate 2g plan rs 14 or 17 whatever available in ur area

6-now don't connect and activate rs8 plan

7- consume 50 mb and remain connected till 12 o'clock      

8-excatly at night 12 o'clock again activate another rs 8 plan and from 12:01 


speical thanks to techno 

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  1. i have a couple of question your step 3 -keep connected till 6'o'clock it means i cannot dissconnect till 6 pm and step 5 5-activate 2g plan rs 14 or 17 whatever available in ur area can i rechrge thiss pack anytime after 6 pm and last excatly at night 12 o'clock again activate another rs 8 plan and from 12:01 can i activate this pack after 12:01

  2. hlo shekhar es in step 3 you have to keep connected till 6o'clock just keep connected to confuse the server because server works on 8 shifts a day and yes u can activate 2g pack any time after 6pm and last but the most important is to activate the other rs 8 plan exactly at 12 o'clock night its very important very muchcause at that time server changes its date

  3. pratyush bro....after using 1gb it wil automatically disconnect....so how can i keep it connected continously till 6 pm?? or i have to reconnect it again after using 1 gb??

  4. @ aditya chopra you have to ue 1 gb before 3 o'clock and then after it will disconnect then again you have to keep connected from 3-6pm

  5. brother am from Andhra Pradesh
    in my state all 2G and 3G data plana has been changed
    no unlimited in 2G and 3G data plans

  6. in my state all 2g and 3g data plans changed
    in my state : 14rs 2g pack is not unlimited only 150mb data after finising 150mb data our main balance is cut

    and also 17rs pack is limited in 3g

    198 plan also limited
    then what should i d0????

  7. this is my mail addres :skanth8686@gmail.com
    plz admin I talk with you some information based on aircel 3g confusing server trick
    plz help me?

  8. saini connect with me at facebook for better uninterupted support

  9. bro r u sure about the trick coz i hav tried a lot of tricks available over the net all went invain
    this one z d most costly ..so plz reply or mail jagrat23@gmail.com

  10. i have already told may work or may not work it will not activate the next day but 2 days later it will work cause validity of rs 8 plan is of 2 days now

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. could not understand the 4th step...and for how many day will i have high speed data?

  13. did anyone succed doing this.....

  14. Did anyone succed doing this did u all get free 3g??

  15. and in the 4th to 5th cant i recharge the 2g plan frm the same sim by using net or should i go to a local store and recharge the 2g plan and again the 3g plan... ???

  16. bro vivek this post has 2700+ views and no problem reported till now this post is so good that this is as the top result on google
    and in the 4th step you have to disconnect your internet at 6:01 o'clock and at 6:06 you have to recharge with 2g plan betwenn this period and then have 2 recharge with rs 8 plan and do not connect after that follow steps

  17. pratyush ...i was not able to exhaust 1 gb till 3o clock but exhausted at 5 o clock ..will it work?

  18. may be or may not bro but what i listed above is perfect process of doing so i will suggest you not to try it again on the same sim card because it may not work but if you will recharge now with rs 8 then absolutely you wil get 100mb high speed data every day


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