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How to bypass cleanfiles surveys without having to use any bypasser or downloader

Before starting this is important that  you should have US IP for better completion of the survey
use the software given below
1) first of all please switch off your idm support from  your default browser my’s is google chrome so but from pic it can be understood

2) then start the sandboxie software that can be downloaded from below:

3) Then  start the sandbox and browser using it as mentioned in the pic below
4) you will see a yellow outline around the browser and the browser that is opened by sandbox is your default browser

5) put your cleanfiles link in it, like for example below shown:

6) then a list of surveys will be there , try to complete the survey that asks for just signup this can be understood the  moving cursor around a survey like this one is easiest n my favourite :

the downloading will start as soon as you will signup

7) If you don’t get any signup survey then don’t worry u can complete the surveys that require u to download something ,then on clicking them they would ask you to download a downloader of that software, don’t worry about virus it would not harm you as you do as i mention in trick

8) Right click on the downloader and open using sandbox

9) click on run as administrator

10)Whenever u see “# #” these on your browser or anything then it means you are sandboxed and it will not harm your pc as it is working in a virtual location

11) Run that particular downloader with “# #” and it will install that software and after complete installation your download will start then recover only  the file as you have downloaded not anything else

12)Delete all the contents as shown in figure after recovering the file desired

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  1. I can't. Google Chrome crashed when I followed step 3. I tried it with other browsers and all of them crashed as well. Please help!

    1. try to update chrome and use other browser

    2. Ok, but now I do not get the list of surveys that ask me to sign up or downlaod anything. All I got is like the picture on step 5. What to do now?

    3. Use proxy of different countries.. recommnended 1.US 2.UK


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