This is a trial resetter for all of the bitdefender 2013 products.Things to do before using it
1) may be  your security product(antivirus) detects it as a virus but that a false positive so temperory disable it for some while

2) signup with a account in my bitdefender in bitdefender 2013 products(you can use a fake one  also)

3) Go to safe mode for
windows 7 user: By restarting the pc and pressing F8 key and choosing safe mode

windows 8 user see this:
* go to settings

* go to change pc settings-> general-> advance startup as shown:

* pc will restart

* choose the safe mode 

4) Then run the BD2013.TR.exe  as run as administrator

5) Choose the reset or install autoreset  according to your need but personal suggestion is for using Install autoreset as then it would automatically reset the bitdefender software every time you on the pc without user interaction

6) Please make backup for emergency if somethings go wrong

7) Update the product to the latest virus definitions 

     a) For users with no internet connection at home or office then the can download manual virus    definitions for bitdefender products called "weekly.exe" as it contains all the updates till the date it is made .it is updated every friday night 
b) you can download it from  official bitdefender site as:

c) choose according to your windows architecture as 32 or 64 bit



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